• Wed, 13/02/2019
    ATC believes that there is still mileage in the humble compact disc – now in its 36th year. Although many music lovers increasingly rely on file-based or streamed music systems, they also own large collections of CDs. In order to provide high quality playback for both mediums, ATC has created its first standalone CD player the CD2 at £1,500 and a matching integrated amplifier with onboard digital to analogue more
  • Mon, 11/02/2019
    Falcon Acoustics will show a limited edition LS3/5A with a difference. The Kingswood Warrant model is a “meticulous remaking of the ‘no compromise’ prototype created by the BBC in 1974, before commercial production. If demand for the limited run of 50 pairs is as high as Falcon expects this may be your only chance to hear this ultimate LS3/ more

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  • Fri, 15/02/2019
    The only reason that CD still has a place in the hearts of sound connoisseurs is that they have so many discs and streaming systems add a layer of complexity that seems intimidating to the uninitiated.In practice setting up a streaming system is very straightforward especially if you have any form of network at home, which must surely be the case for most of us by now. read more

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  • November, 2018
    It was inconvenient that the weekend of the Copenhagen High End show coincided with the weather changing from mild and balmy to wet and windy but inside the Clarion hotel there were plenty of great systems to enjoy. This small but elegantly formed... read more


  • Wed, 30/01/2019
    However much one might love turntables, vinyl replay and records themselves, most eventually reach a point where they are forced to ask whether or not their record player is optimally set up.