• Fri, 07/12/2018
    Russ Andrews has published its latest information and product guide, ‘Russ Andrews Power – Connect With Your Music, to help audiophiles get the most out of their systems by following the principles of good power management.The 40-page booklet takes the reader through a journey of the recommended upgrade path, starting with mains cables and ending up with the company’s flagship upgrade, the new Balanced Mains more
  • Fri, 07/12/2018
    Magico is expanding its M-Series product lineup with the M2 floorstanding loudspeaker.The M2 features a new monocoque enclosure formed using multiple layers of carbon fibre adding up to a 9.4mm more

How To

  • Fri, 07/12/2018
    Back in the sixties and seventies the BBC had real resources, they made all their own programmes and did ground-breaking technological research, the like of which few commercial operations could compete more

Latest Reviews

  • Thu, 13/12/2018
    This has been a great year for new hi-fi, so good that our list has once again expanded so we can include all the best pieces of kit. We have had to make some tough decisions, all of the products chosen by the ear’s reviewers have made a very strong, positive impression both at the time of review and in the intervening months. That’s what separates out the great from the merely very good, the ability to leave a hole in our systems that has never quite been filled. read more

Show Report

  • November, 2018
    It was inconvenient that the weekend of the Copenhagen High End show coincided with the weather changing from mild and balmy to wet and windy but inside the Clarion hotel there were plenty of great systems to enjoy. This small but elegantly formed... read more


  • Mon, 15/10/2018
    In September I was invited to the press launch of Linn’s Selekt DSM, their all-new configurable network music player. After being briefed on its design and architecture and taken on an extensive tour of the factory where I saw the new product being made, I auditioned Selekt in numerous configurations and got a feel for what each one has to offer to different systems.