• Fri, 27/11/2015
    The new VPI Nomad is an all-in-one, ready-to-go turntable. Simply switch it on, plug in your headphones or amp, and enjoy the sounds of your vinyl. The Nomad is the result of VPI’s thirty-five years of audio design know-how and is buit in New Jersey, USA. It has a built-in headphone amplifier and there is a phono stage fitted to make it easy to hook up to your amp. Unlike existing models from VPI the Nomad really does allow you to plug and more
  • Wed, 25/11/2015
    British loudspeaker manufacturer, PMC, was asked to produce a one-off pair of speakers as part of "the world’s only musical work of art" which has been created by American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan and has been sold today to a mystery private collector for an undisclosed sum in the millions.  However, we won't be able to hear the music, as the conditions of the sale stipulate that the buyer must agree not to release any of the album content or artwork to the public for a period of 88 years,read more

How To

  • Thu, 19/11/2015
    We talk to Rob Watts about the digital engineering behind Chord Electronics remarkable Mojo portable DAC. Rob explains just what ‘taps’ are and why they matter, and there’s a lot more to it than digital audio more

Latest Reviews

  • Mon, 23/11/2015
    The Mojo is something of a radical move for Chord Electronics, the brand has long been associated with high end audio separates which tend to carry a high end price. The Hugo portable DAC/headphone amp brought the entry level down quite considerably but still kept it within the realm of dedicated enthusiasts, anyone else would think that £1,400 for a DAC to go with your phone is madness, if they knew what a DAC was. read more

Show Report

  • November, 2015
    The Audio Video is not only about obscure brands and vintage kit, the National Stadium featured nearly all the big brands in the business in 60 rooms. There were also a lot of headphones and a good selection of ‘real world’ products alongside some... read more


  • Thu, 29/10/2015
    Back in the summer I went up to Air Studios to see Mike Valentine who was overseeing the second stage of making his latest Chasing the Dragon release. This is a live recording of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra playing a selection of classic swing era pieces. What makes it different is that the vinyl only release comes on two discs both of which have the same versions of the same tracks. Why two?