• Tue, 25/06/2019
    Mitchell & Johnson have launched the S800 CD player, a British-designed and manufactured disc-spinner that flies the flag for specialist UK manufacturing in the Brexit era. The new £1,299 player, which was first unveiled in prototype form at February’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show, is now available in production form. read more
  • Fri, 21/06/2019
    Isoacoustics is introducing the Delos series of maple isolation platforms, designed specifically to isolate turntables and electronic components from any interference caused by external vibrations and resonances. Named after the floating island of Delos from Greek mythology, the new models combine IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology with a solid butcher block to provide a stable platform with a low noise more

How To

  • Tue, 18/06/2019
    I’ve been working closely with records and cartridges for 40 years and am in particular debt to the expertise and knowledge of Dynavector Systems, Tokyo, the brand that my company, Pear Audio, distributes in the more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 25/06/2019
    Recently I seem to have had a lot of contact with Italian audio components and the latest to grace my equipment rack is the Norma HS-IPA1. read more

Show Report

  • May, 2019
      Living Voice showed the forthcoming R80, an 80 litre reflex loaded two-way due for release in late December. It’s a four Ohm design with a generous 95dB sensitivity and equipped with ScanSpeak Elipticore 8 inch drivers in parallel and the... read more


  • Fri, 12/04/2019
    Living Voice is celebrating their 25thanniversary and have created a special R25 edition of the Auditorium model to mark the occasion. I caught up with founder and designer Kevin Scott late last year to find out a bit more about the brand’s journey from the first Air Partner to the incredible Vox series of horn speakers that put Living Voice on the high end map. JK: What was your first speaker?