• Thu, 25/08/2016
    Chord Electronics’ new SPM 1050 MkII power amplifier, first unveiled at High End 2016, Munich, is now available worldwide. The new MkII version directly replaces the original and introduces the latest Chord amplifier technology, plus some key aesthetic improvements. The MkII model offers reduced output distortion plus improvements to capacitance for cleaner power delivery. It has better isolation on the mains transformer to reduce more
  • Wed, 10/08/2016
    Clearaudio’s Innovation range of turntables now has a new entry point, the Innovation Basic. Borrowing technology from the Innovation Compact and Master Innovation – the new Basic packs a raft of features at a more accessible starting price of £3, more

How To

  • Fri, 08/07/2016
    After the success of our last direct cut album featuring the Syd Lawrence orchestra, I had a problem. What should I record next? Chasing the Dragon is a small record label and we are completely self-funded. Therefore, we will not be recording Mahler’s 8th Symphony anytime soon!read more

Latest Reviews

  • Wed, 10/08/2016
    A faun is a mythological figure; half man, half goat. However, there is nothing mythological about the two Pink Faun audio components that have been been in my system for some time now. And the only pink I see is in the LEDs on the front of the DAC and streamer from this Dutch company, an organisation with after sales service that’s hard to equal.   read more

Show Report

  • August, 2016
    My first CanJam and TBH I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was a large ballroom under a hotel in the middle of a roundabout near to Waterloo Station. Arranged around the room were various headphone and headphone accessory purveyors whose fare... read more


  • Thu, 04/08/2016
    Prism Sound has established itself as one of, if not the, foremost brand in digital conversion for recording studios, so it was apt that they chose Mark Knopfler’s British Grove studio in Chiswick, London to formally launch their first product for the hi-fi market. We first heard about Callia back in February, since then it has been to the Munich High End show and now is finally in production.