• Mon, 17/07/2017
    The much anticipated update of Rega’s RP6 will be in the shops in the coming weeks. The P6 is entirely new with the exception of the plastic hinges and comes in one colour, matte  Polaris Grey. Its plinth is made of a  super lightweight foam core with high rigidity skins that is not unlike the basis of  the RP8/10. It sports  a one piece aluminium subplatter, upgraded white belt and dual layer float glass platter in a smoked finish. read more
  • Thu, 13/07/2017
    The JBL 4312SE is an update to the brand’s classic 3-way 12” compact studio monitor lineage created as a limited edition to celebrate JBL's 70th anniversary. The 4312SE reprises the driver configuration and aesthetics of the renowned 4310/4311 studio and L100 ‘Century’ hi-fi monitors from the 70s, and 4312 from the more

How To

  • Mon, 19/06/2017
    What upgradable means in the context of a sound system is the option to improve sound quality by changing certain parts rather than replacing the whole thing, usually in a piecemeal fashion, eg one new component or cable at a more

Latest Reviews

  • Wed, 19/07/2017
    The Audio Technica ART1000 is the most radical moving coil cartridge on the planet. It turns conventional cartridge design ideas on their head by moving the coils from one end of the cantilever to the other. Not since the Decca London of the fifties has anyone produced such a dramatic rethinking of cartridge design and I have to take my hat off to Audio Technica for undertaking this project in the first place. read more

Show Report

  • June, 2017
    If High End is about anything it's radical hi-fi, so here are some of the more extreme systems and components I encountered at Europe's greatest audio exhibition, and a few of the more affordable alternatives for balance. Blumenhoffer-Gran... read more


  • Tue, 21/03/2017
    Having made a name with new-thinking in professional loudspeakers, a Dutch brand is launching its foray into hi-fi territory with some highly researched products, as Trevor Butler discovered on a visit to The Netherlands.