• Fri, 17/11/2017
    The E-Line of entry level electronics from Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems has two new phono stages in the Phono Box E BT and Optical Box E Phono for vinyl fans who want to integrate a turntable into their digital audio system. Both retail for £89 more
  • Mon, 06/11/2017
    The Music First Audio have finished their first power amplifier and called it the Senlac SJE. This 100W monoblock is the result of several years of investigation into what makes a good audio amplifier by Music First’s Jonathan Billington and designer Nick Gorham. They are calling the concept "complex simplicity".read more

How To

  • Wed, 08/11/2017
    A hi-fi philistine once asked me why old guys buy great sound systems when their hearing has inevitably been impaired by the ravages of more

Latest Reviews

  • Thu, 23/11/2017
    In our steady progress through Auralic's slowly expanding range of streaming devices we have enjoyed the Aries Mini network streamer and Altair streamer/preamplifier, so it made sense to move onto the Altair based all in one integrated amplifier, DAC and streamer the Polaris. read more

Show Report

  • October, 2017
    Electronic music filled the Ilumnia room, a new brand with a loudspeaker that has been in development for the past seven years. From across the Belgian border, Tom Nuyts was proudly showcasing his speakers featuring the world’s first electromagnetic... read more


  • Thu, 09/11/2017
    I became aware of Samuel Yirga a few years ago when I first heard his Habasha Sessions album. I was instantaneously struck by the natural flow of musical style that combines into a stream of emotional creative narrative and defies classification. It is an album I play often and continue to discover anew each time I hear it.