How To

8 Nov 2013
Some years ago, whilst going through an obsessive period with hi-fi, I got onto the Naim track. Once I tuned into the grip and rhythm of Naim gear nothing else came close. Starting with a Nait integrated amp, I eagerly...
24 Jul 2013
Ken Betts explains what possessed him to convert a stereo cartridge into a mono one and the steps he took in the process. One to try at home, if you have a steady hand and a keen eye.
Building a moving coil cartridge is not...
28 May 2013
Scott Berry of CAD (Computer Audio Design) describes how to build a digital transport out of a computer and shares his tips getting started in computer audio.


The biggest issue...
Hypex UCD180 amplifier
17 Aug 2012
I am not a climate change zealot, nor a great fan of the Renewable Obligations imposed on power-generating companies by the previous Labour government. I am however alarmed by recent price hikes in electricity bills, partly...