• Fri, 05/10/2018
    Rega have revised the bargain RP8 turntable to create a new Planar 8, a model that goes straight for the sound quality jugular with a totally uncompromised skeletal design. Based on the company’s range topping Naiad the Planar 8 sits on an ultralight yet immensely stiff plinth made out of polyurethane foam with high pressure laminate skins, this component is 30% lighter than the plinth of the more
  • Thu, 20/09/2018
    Linn has unveiled the Selekt DSM, a new ‘high-end’ network music player. Central to the new player’s user experience is a cut-glass dial embellished with 100 individual LEDs, the dial glows when approached and turns with “watch-like precision” in response to a touch.  As well as serving as a volume control, tilt and press gestures can start and stop a stream, cycle through a play queue or list of radio stations, and switch to other connected sources.   read more

How To

  • Tue, 04/09/2018
    Ken Ishiwata is making the transition from guru to a sage now that he has 40 years under his belt with Marantz, the company he went to after getting his start in the industry with Pioneer. Superscope bought Marantz from founder Saul B Marantz in 1964 and moved production to the former Standard Radio facility in more

Latest Reviews

  • Tue, 09/10/2018
    In the interests of full disclosure I need to preface what you are about to read with a couple of facts about me. First, as you can see in my bio on this website, I am a Harbeth owner, and have been since 2014. My main loudspeakers are Harbeth Super HL5+ 40th Anniversary editions and I also own a pair of standard P3ESRs. read more

Show Report

  • October, 2018
    The Festival of Sound, formally Indulgence, was held at the Marriot hotel in Hammersmith in west London. It attracted a good array of established brands including Naim, Bowers & Wilkins, Yamaha and KEF as well as non hi-fi brands including... read more


  • Mon, 15/10/2018
    In September I was invited to the press launch of Linn’s Selekt DSM, their all-new configurable network music player. After being briefed on its design and architecture and taken on an extensive tour of the factory where I saw the new product being made, I auditioned Selekt in numerous configurations and got a feel for what each one has to offer to different systems.