Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviews

floorstanding loudspeaker
Sep 2016
This review has taken longer than expected because it’s been so hard to tear myself away from these most enjoyable, highly involving loudspeakers to put pen to paper. There probably isn’t a higher recommendation than that to...
floorstanding loudspeaker
Aug 2016
Focal introduced the Sopra series in 2015, at the time there were two models, the No.1 bookshelf and N°2 floorstander, which I rather liked. This year Focal followed these with centre and surround speakers and a new...
floorstanding loudspeaker
May 2016
Years ago I reviewed a Raidho loudspeaker designed by Michael Børresen. The only thing I did not like about them was their high price. More recently, the same Michael Børresen designed a much cheaper loudspeaker range for...
floorstanding loudspeaker
Apr 2016
By way of an upside-down review, and to save you scrolling to the conclusion at this point, I wanted to like this product. I had liked this product at a couple of recent European events (no, correction: I absolutely adored...
floorstanding loudspeaker
Sep 2015
It took the Focal R&D team three years to come up with a range of loudspeakers to fill the gap between the Electra and the Utopia series. That’s six to eight engineers full time; a costly pursuit, one that only companies...
floorstanding loudspeaker
Dec 2014
The largest model in the Rubicon range encourages René to wind up the volume and proves that, as in life, more is more when it comes to loudspeakers.
On a recent trip to the DALI factory in Denmark I had the pleasure of...
floorstanding loudspeaker
Jun 2014
In an attempt to foil my fellow reviewers and audio loving friends I got my hands on one of the very first pairs of PMC twenty.26 loudspeakers that came to the Netherlands. This model was introduced to mainland Europe at the...
floorstanding loudspeaker
May 2014
‘Man suffers most from the suffering he fears’. That quote came to mind when I left the Dutch distributor for Guru loudspeakers.  I had promised the editor a review of the largest Gurus, a brand that I only knew from hi-fi...
Nov 2013
I used Focal loudspeakers in my own system for the 15 years up to 2010. Over that time different cone materials from Focal have all made their mark; first impregnated paper with a polyglass coating, later yellow Kevlar was...