• Tue, 12/01/2021
    Equipment support specialist Bassocontinuo has launched a range of entry-level equipment supports, the Classic Line 2.1. The new range (which directly replaces the previous Classic Line 2.0) is entirely made in Italy and offers both improved aesthetics and performance over its predecessor. read more
  • Mon, 11/01/2021
    Named after the Hawaiian word for school, the Kula is the first integrated amplifier from Mola Mola of the Netherlands. Living up to its name, the multi-talented Kula combines the company’s pre-amp technology, including optional phono and DAC stages, with newly developed power amplification to deliver performance and versatility from a slender chassis. read more

How To

  • Thu, 07/01/2021
    In my younger days I would do it once or twice a week, then when I moved out of town it went down to once a month, and come lockdown listening to music with friends became a virtual affair (what else did you think I was talking about?).read more

Latest Reviews

  • Thu, 14/01/2021
    My Dutch colleague René van Es has always reviewed Primaluna in the past. Despite the Italian name, this company is from the Netherlands, and owner Herman van den Dungen is a major figure on the scene there. Having read his enthusiastic reviews of these valve amps, I thought it was about time I found out what all the fuss was about. There has to be some reason why Primaluna has such a strong position in the world of affordable valve electronics brands. read more

Show Report

  • February, 2020
    Rajiv Dave (top) of Chord Electronics explained a little more about the 2go portable streamer (£995) and 2yu DAC adaptor (£450) that were released just before the show. Dave formally worked with the BBC on their digital tech in the nineties,... read more


  • Mon, 21/12/2020
    The audio world lost one of its leading lights last week when my dear old friend Tim de Paravicini succumbed to the liver cancer that he had been fighting for several months (with great good humour and optimism). Few who met Tim will forget his startlingly larger-than-life personality and the sheer vigour with which he attacked any problem from audio electronics design (his 'day job') to lawnmower repairs to reading a badly typeset Christmas menu in poor light.