Lockdown music

Those who have switched office for home might like to indulge in the luxury of having music to accompany their toils. Below are some sounds that Reuben has selected for these testing times:


For Majestic background work-at-home music from former est drummer Magnus Ostrom listen to The Moon (And the air it moves) from Searching for Jupiter.


If you prefer a little schmaltz it’s hard to beat Arlo Guthrie’s The City Of New Orleans from The Best of Arlo Guthrie.


Want a work time encounter with a Rickie Lee Jones you have yet to meet? Try Road Kill from Ghostyhead. 


For energy and productivity, check out Freak Power’s 1993 classic Drive Through Booty and the track What It Is.


If you fancy some jazzy funky hip hop that’s guaranteed to ward off boredom and comes with the sound of a Mariachi band for extra diversity look no further than Once Upon A Time by Chinese Man.


Indulge in a game called They Were Big 10 Years Ago with Patricia Barber’s Bye, Bye Blackbird from Nightclub.


A little compensation for those longing for very long flights (does anyone do this? Ed) there is Mop Mop’s Spaceship: Earth featuring the voice and words of Anthony Joseph.


For a broader selection of interesting tunes check out French radio station FIP, no translation required.

Reuben Klein


If you prefer to relax and be carried away by the groove I would add Duo by Wesseltoft and Schwarz.

Jason Kennedy