Music Reviews

Wesseltoft Schwarz - Duo
Wesseltoft Schwarz
Bugge Wesseltoft has been sampling himself and playing along with the sample, then repeating the process, building up layers of sound so that one instrument turns into a band, for some time now. This latest release from...
Grateful Dead - Reckoning
Grateful Dead
This is album is a veritable hens tooth, a fantastic performance by an immensely talented band that was recorded at such a high standard that its stands out a mile over 30 years later. It reveals just how great the Dead were...
Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah
Grateful Dead
This 1975 foray by the greatest hippy band to ever play the pyramids was the closest they ever came to jazz rock. Inevitably it’s not that close but there are quite a few instrumental pieces among its dozen tracks and some...