DAC Reviews

digital to analogue converter
Apr 2016
The Canadians seem to be a honest, dependable bunch by most standards and this is reflected in the music of people like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Oscar Peterson, we’ll reserve judgement on Justin Bieber. It is also...
digital to analogue converter
Apr 2016
Maybe I should have used headphones in the photo of the µDAC5 but hopefully the size of a CD is familiar, the idea of course is to give an indication of how compact this digital to analogue converter is. There are smaller,...
digital to analogue converter
Mar 2016
Musical Fidelity has three small and attractive boxes in its MX-series: MX-HPA headphone amplifier; a MX-VYNL phono stage and the MX-DAC digital to analogue converter. All three are fully balanced, a speciality you would not...
SACD/CD player & integrated amplifier
Feb 2016
Last year I visited Ken Ishiwata at Marantz Europe’s HQ in Eindhoven, Holland. This is where he has built a substantial listening room in the basement of an office block, it’s one of the best I’ve encountered and not a bad...
DAC and headphone amp
Dec 2015
2014 was a busy year of exciting new product releases and refreshes for Schiit Audio, and 2015 has seen no let up. Following the anticipated unveilings of Yggdrasil and Ragnarok, the company’s long-promised ‘cost no object’...
portable DAC/headphone amp
Nov 2015
The Mojo is something of a radical move for Chord Electronics, the brand has long been associated with high end audio separates which tend to carry a high end price. The Hugo portable DAC/headphone amp brought the entry...
Jun 2015
Ayre is one of those companies that quietly gets on with producing innovative, well thought out and in my experience great sounding hardware. I have tried amplifiers and CD players in the past and always mourned their loss...
integrated amplifier & DAC
Apr 2015
Can this Musical Fidelity integrated with onboard DAC sound as good as it looks? Réne closes his eyes and lets the music work its magic.
When I was asked to pick a Musical Fidelity amplifier for a review I was attracted to...
Preamplifier & power amplifier
Apr 2015
René didn’t like class D amplifiers but that has all changed now that he’s heard this remarkable pairing from NAD. High resolution, power and features, what’s not to like?Several years ago I considered New Acoustic Dimension...
digital to analogue converter DAC
Mar 2015
This is a DAC with a difference from a Dutch startup that seems to have considered all the options and produced a humdinger straight from the gate.
Products from small new companies are often fraught with challenges as far...
integrated amplifier & DAC
Mar 2015
Like father, like son is certainly true for Paul and Scott McGowan of PS Audio. Scott developed his own amplifier under the name of his father’s company but financed it with crowd sourcing website Kickstarter. It’s a totally...
Naim UnitiQute 2
network streamer, DAC & amplifier
Mar 2015
Naim's qutest streaming amplifier is 2 and for its birthday the engineers in Salisbury gave it a new antenna and access to more music than you can shake a baton at.
Why review this 2014 revamp of Naim’s most affordable...