Integrated Amplifier Reviews

Integrated amplifier & DAC
Mar 2017
Does the name Gato Audio ring a bell? Does this Danish audio company have any presence where you are? If not that’s a pity because Gato Audio deserves your attention for the high standards it sets in design both inside and...
integrated amplifier & DAC
Mar 2017
A relatively new kid on the block, Hegel is making waves in audio markets around the globe by thinking outside the box, as Trevor Butler discovered when auditioning their latest integrated amp with on-board DAC.
Taking the...
Integrated amplifier
Feb 2017
The most affordable amplifier in Rega’s armoury is not just prettier than its predecessor the Brio-R but it sounds more powerful to boot. But look at the specs and you’ll see that both are rated to produce 50 Watts, so what...
Dec 2016
2016 might have been a bad year for rock stars but it was a good one for audio equipment. We saw and heard a plethora of fabulous new components that made our systems sing and renewed our love of music. Rather than trying to...
Integrated amplifier
Nov 2016
Every once in a while you stumble across a product that looks so appealing you need to have it at home. Such is the case with the DIMD PP10 tube amplifier from Latvia. Originally designed by a music lover and engineer for...
Integrated amplifier
Jul 2016
Despite being 35 years old the Halo Integrated or Hint is the first integrated amplifier that Parasound has made. It’s not clear why it took them this long but it may be something to do with the companies enthusiasm for...
Integrated amplifier
Jun 2016
I am always curious about what new brands and/or technologies have to offer, so when I got the chance to hear a SPEC amplifier at home I didn’t say no. I picked the Real Sound Amplifier RSA-M3EX, the middle model in the...
SACD/CD player & integrated amplifier
Feb 2016
Last year I visited Ken Ishiwata at Marantz Europe’s HQ in Eindhoven, Holland. This is where he has built a substantial listening room in the basement of an office block, it’s one of the best I’ve encountered and not a bad...
amplifier and turntable
Dec 2015
T+A stands for Theory + Application, this German company has done just that with its transmission line loudspeakers, electronics and mechanics since its foundation in 1978. The amplifier and record player in front of me, the...
integrated amplifier
Jul 2015
Arcam has gone through a few changes since its heyday in the eighties and nineties. Once an independent run by its founder and chief engineer John Dawson it is now owned by Canadian conglomerate Jam Industries and run by a...
integrated amplifier & DAC
Apr 2015
Can this Musical Fidelity integrated with onboard DAC sound as good as it looks? Réne closes his eyes and lets the music work its magic.
When I was asked to pick a Musical Fidelity amplifier for a review I was attracted to...
CD, tuner and amplifier with Bluetooth
Mar 2015
I don’t know about you but Elipson’s spherical Planet loudspeakers are among the most attractive in the business, the timeless geometric design has been in production for decades and deservedly so. I guess it was inevitable...